Show Up Stand Out
Show Up Stand Out
Grated in New York
March 7, 2016

A short film I made in New York. Didnt get to put sound to it in NYC. Finally got it up to Youtube, couldn’t keep adding and changing. Hope you like it.  Just a bit of Fun! Made at The New York Film Academy near 15th St West.

Show Up Stand Out
Fabienne Slama Valentines Day in Perth 2016
February 17, 2016

Fabienne Slama, Life Passion and Dating Coach. Author of ‘Renaissance Woman, A Feminine Midlife Crisis From Loss of Identity to Rebirth’ PhD in Biochemistry, Dr. Fab is also a World Reknown Bronze Sculptor, Mpther of Two and a dynamic speaker. In Australia for the first time, her first public talk in Perth for Conscious Heart […]

Five steps to engage your audience
January 3, 2016

Step One Five steps to engage your audience having fun and inspiring them presenting. (Ask energetically that you give your audience whatever they require before you begin.) 1. Know our stuff! This weeks subject! Steps 2-5 to follow 2. Clear past blocks 3. Pull Energy 4. Stand Your Ground 5. Be the sexualness of you. […]

Angela Flack
Angela Flack Showing Up
December 19, 2015

  Angela Flack is an amazing young woman. From psychology to author in a few short years. Angela recalls a defining moment that changed direction for her. Listen to her in depth interview on this site where she recounts that defining moment. She is passionate about good food, grown safely, care of the land, better […]

Mary Lucille Baker Showing Up
December 6, 2015

Mary Lucille began her awakening in 1988 when she learned to meditate. Countless courses, healing modalities, access consciousness facilitation, therapy sessions and many dark times, she found her feet on the stage. Performing brings her to life where she gets to shine her light. Seeing the gifts in others, she promotes them at Expo’s around […]

Robert Kirby Showing Up
December 6, 2015

Robert Kirby – Conscious Creator Transformation of the Planet Robert Kirby originally from the Connecticut area of United States of America. He was invited by Patricia Hamilton from Conscious Living to come to Perth in the early 2000’s. He believes that the future is in people wanting to connect. Somehow on this planet we have […]

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